Day Spa Purpose

Classifying Day Spa Based On Purpose and Location

Going to spa has been a regular activity of some women, particularly career women who hardly have time for self treatment. Going to a spa is a popular way to keep their body and skin healthy and fresh and to keep their mind relaxed. Simply defined, day spa is a beauty center that provides beauty and health treatment on a daily basis. Spa service is usually provided under a quiet and serene setting. Day spa can actually be categorized based on the objective and the location.

Beauty vs. Medical Spa

Beauty day spa merely offers the treatment for beautifying certain parts of body. Beauty spa services include facial spa, manicure and pedicure treatment, body treatment, and massage. Scrubbing, waxing, and mud wrapping also belong to this category. Hair treatment does not usually belong to this category, since it is offered in salon. The spa usually offers various ingredients for waxing and bath, including floral bath, fruit flavor, and milk bath. These provide the customers with a freshening and soothing sensation.

On the other hand, medical spa serves the customers for health purpose, such as dental spa. It brings a curative purpose, combined with cosmetic purpose. For example, dental spa aims at maintaining the dental health while keeping oral aesthetics. Botox and laser resurfacing are two other services provided in a medical spa

Urban Spa Vs Hotel Spa

You can find urban day spa anywhere in your town. You can find the spas in places ranging from the street corners to malls, from village spas that have only few rooms to large spas with many specialized treatment rooms. This differentiates urban spa from hotel spa in hotels, resorts, and other accommodation facilities. Hotel spas are usually offered to hotel guests who spend the night in the hotel, even though you can drop-by in a hotel spa without having to stay in the hotel.

What Makes Them Similar?

Urban spa, hotel spa, and beauty day spa may come with a specific theme, like botanical garden, East spa, floral spa, or herbal spa. Such themes determine the decorations and service coverage the spas offered. For instance, spas with botanical garden, floral, and herbal themes emphasize the serenity and nature in their services. The waiting room and treatment rooms may be decorated with ornaments like flowers, fruits, and herbal plants, combined with neutral and natural colors.

Likewise, spas with ethnic and national themes highlight the politeness in services and ethnic-specific ingredients for treatment. For instance, when you go to a Balinese spa, you will find the therapists with Balinese clothing and Indonesian-specific ingredients such as coffee, papaya, herbs, green tea, and so on. You might not find them in other spas.

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